Brand Guidelines


The logo is the most important element in establishing and maintaining a unified corporate identity for HWI.

About the Symbol

HWI’s new symbol represents the company’s united direction and purpose. The symbol combines abstract arrows which come together to form a cohesive whole; the colors red and gray are used to represent HWI’s manufacturing process and client solutions, respectively.

About the Logotype

Harbison and Walker have been combined to form a single unified name for the company. The font is a contemporary sans serif, customized to give HWI a distinctive look.

Primary Logo

Horizontal Logo

This is the preferred version, and should be used for virtually all communications.


Secondary Logos

Vertical Logo

This configuration is used only when space constraints make it impractical to fit the primary, horizontal logo.


Abbreviated Logo

The shortened form of the logo is used when space is extremely limited, as when printing on a very small promotional item.